Fight the food shortage through technology?


To cope with the population explosion, farmers must increase their production. With connected objects and the actual technology, crops would be better controlled and agriculture could become smart.


In addition to the pressure of productivity, this sector will have to reduce operating costs in order to increase profits. In an environment where competition is strong, the development of projects made from IoT is of great economic interest.


“On Farm ran” has shown in several studies that:


  • Crops increased by 1.75% using IoT. Technology related productivity improves production
  • Energy costs were reduced by 46% and water consumption used for irrigation by 8%.


Modernization opportunities due to IoT are extremely numerous. They cover activities as varied as:


  • Crop control
  • Farm mapping
  • Stock management
  • Or even precision irrigation

These new tools have the particularity of automatically sending their data from sensors so that they are analyzed and transformed into useful information and advice. Agriculture is therefore moving from a traditional industry to a high-tech industry that can create new markets for increasingly innovative solutions.


The work with connected objects using innovative technology is facilitated by the smartphone, present in the pocket of 79% of farmers. A smartphone that becomes a real tool for steering his farm.


Will the smartphone soon replace the farmer’s fork?