Free yourself from the problems of irrigation !

We believe that new technologies can be used to better manage water.



We have developed a connected solution, control and optimization of water consumption.



A solution adapted to all localized irrigation systems.

Make your irrigation system profitable

Make sure each plant gets the right amount of water.

Set your irrigation periods

Pilot your remote irrigation by sector or type of crop.

Adapt your irrigation according to water stress.

Save time

Receive an alert if there is a problem with your installation and intervene quickly.

Increase your income

Irrigation is no longer a financial burden but a fun tool.

Reduce your costs.

How Our Technology Works


Once connected your irrigation system issues information about its operation.


Our algorithms process your data so you can analyze it easily, quickly and from anywhere !


Our application allows you to analyze the state of health of your installations and to control your periods of irrigation.


If our system detects anomalies on your installation you are notified immediately.


Save time, water, productivity and profitability.

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