Pilot your irrigation remotely

  • Divide your irrigation according to your parcels



  • Manage your irrigation with your calendar



  • Adapt your irrigation according to the humidity in the soil

Watch your irrigation system

  • Anticipate the wear of your pump


  • Monitor the status of your filters


  • Detect each leak on your plot


  • Make sure that the water is well distributed throughout your irrigation system

Telaqua Agri, the health tool of your irrigation system

A solution approved by professionals

We have developed our solution with experts in irrigation system to create a solution in line with the agriculture of tomorrow, innovative and sustainable.

Make sure each plant receives the right amount of water

Our solution measures different variables on your plot that can be viewed from your phone or computer. These data will guide you to optimal irrigation.

Easily save time on your day!

Operate and / or program from your interface your irrigation according to the data of your exploitation measured in real time.

Agromote Telaqua, your new irrigation solution

The Agromote is a solution that allows you to control a valve or a pump, but also to collect data from the field such as:



  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • The flow
  • Moisture in the soil


Its strength lies in its ease of installation, its wireless connectivity and its total autonomy thanks to its lithium battery.




Connect → Program your irrigation → Operate your system remotely

The advantages of Agromote

Remote equipment control

Real-time feedback of field data

System suitable for all uses

Fully configurable

Ability to use our visualization software

Entrust us with your project and we take care of everything!

Our R&D department is at your disposal to offer you the best solution in line with your activity

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